Lasers are fun

What entertainment is due to lasers

lasers and entertainment

Lasers also found their usage in the entertainment industry. They are called ‘entertainment lasers’, or ‘show lasers’ used for ‘laser shows’. A laser show is the use of laser beams as a lighting effect for entertainment. Laser shows are often shown in discos, at concerts or at other major events.

Necessary water screens

It can be distinguished between a projection and a beam shows. In the projection show, the laser images and animations are shown on a projection screen (walls, screens). In time the beam show, the beams are projected in the direction of the viewer into the space given. Projection with a laser is possible even on uneven surfaces, as the laser always remains sharp. When using ‘Water screens’, the laser projection creates a slight 3D effect.

Source: LCI Productions

At the beam show, the haze/fog in the open space is the projection surface. The viewers see flat patterns or lines that extend spatially from the point of departure at the scanner mirror to the viewer. The viewer is thus transferred into a virtual 3D world. A beam show is only possible in the dark, otherwise, the effect of being in another world is lost. The laser beam is only visible through the fog because otherwise the beam is broken. That is why the viewer sees the scattered radiation. Rain, snow or even soap bubbles enrich a beam show. Every object in the air becomes a sparkling flash of light when it is hit by a laser beam. Frequently the use of lasers is combined with other media such as pyrotechnics, conventional projections, light effects or artist interactions.

What laser?

For laser shows, various laser sources are used. Mostly are used CW gas lasers, laser diode modules or DPSS lasers in the power range of a few mW to 100 W. Since lasers are basically monochrome, but polychromatic effects are more attractive, mixed gas ion lasers (argon/krypton up to approx. 40 W), or different colored DPSS and/or laser diode modules are combined (up to about 15 W).

Due to the insufficient power of laser diode systems in the high-power range (> 15 W), large-area ion lasers are preferably used. Furthermore, the extremely good beam data of ion lasers with solid-state lasers have so far been unattainable. Thus, ion lasers are much more sophisticated even in large-scale outdoor graphics shows, as the color lines are always excellent. Many people believe that the best laser shows are made at techno and rave parties. Just take a look at Mayday Masters or Members of Mayday, where DJs from around the world enrich their music by some futuristic effects.

Source: Kontor.TV

Lasers inside the TV

An application of a similar technique can be found in laser television. Here, the deflection of the laser beam, the individual pixels of a picture is approached and illuminated in the appropriate color. It is similar to the electron beam in CRT (cathode-ray tube). Each laser beam is directed by a precise diode driver.

Source: Digital Trends

Spectacular engraving

spectacular laser engraving

For is often also laser engraving used. Products of any kind can be engraved flexibly and quickly. In contrast to laser marking, in which only a small amount of pigment is applied to the material to be printed with a weak laser beam, laser engraving changes the material to be inscribed itself. Thus, simple and complex content can be applied precisely. Thus, you achieve a clean, long-lasting result. And you can use a wide range of materials. The best effects are on dark acrylic glass and wood.